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  Who we are?    
  Lawyers with respect to Christian ethics and values, who unite their efforts to find, organize, encourage and help the growth of lawyers and students in Law all over the country.  
  Who We Are
  What We Do
  How We Do It
  Our Purpose
  Our Method
  Our Guiding Principles
  Board of Directors
Rule of Law Institute

44 Parchevich Str.
Floor 5, Apt. 15
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: (+359 2) 980 8911
Fax: (+359 2) 981 4993

What we do?    
  We contribute to the protection of the supremacy of law, Human rights and harmonization of the Bulgarian legislation with the legislation of the European Community.  
  How we do it?    
    Creating and organizing network of lawyers all over the country;    
    Monitoring and giving signals to the competent state authorities for violation of human rights and religious freedom;  
    Intermediation at solving of problems, professionalism and ethics;    
    Presentation of expert legal statements in help of the legislation process in the Republic of Bulgaria;  
    Encouraging of tolerance in society as a condition for successful international cooperation and integration of the Republic of Bulgaria to the European Union.  
  The Rule of Law Institute (RLI) was established in December, 1995 to encourage lawyers and other professionals to promote the Rule of Law in the Republic of Bulgaria.  
  Samuel Ericsson, a well-known American lawyer, promotes the Institute and is a member of the Board of Directors. Latchezar Popov, a Bulgarian barrister at law, is the Chairman of the Board of Directors.  
  In 1995, Advocates International President/CEO, Samuel Ericsson, and Latchezar Popov launched the Rule of Law Institute of Bulgaria to promote rule of law, justice and human rights. As of 2002, there are over 130 Bulgarian lawyers, judges, prosecutors, magistrates, investigators and students in Law associated with the Rule of Law Institute  
  So conceived, established and founded, the Rule of Law Institute serves as a vehicle, enabling lawyers to promote rule of law, human rights, religious liberty, justice and reconciliation, and strengthen fellowship among Christian professionals.  
  Our Purposes    
  Since its establishment in 1995, RLI has fixe seven organizational purposes as follows:  
    To contribute to the development of the legal sense of the supremacy of law, human rights and solving of arguments and conflicts;  
    To organize a national network of lawyers and law students with Christian ethics;  
    To help and encourage lawyers and law students to integrate their Christian ethics in their professional life;  
    To mobilize at the national and local levels skills, needed to promote justice, religious liberty and conflict resolution;  
    To encourage, educate and help law students with Christian values in their preparation for the legal profession;  
    To organize conferences, seminars and lectures in the sphere of law and ethics;  
    To cooperate with bar associations and other organization in asserting and maintaining of high standards in the legal ethics.  
  Our Metod    
    The Institute heightens confidence in the Constitution as the basic law, and the other laws as main regulators of the legal order of the State.  
    The Institute encourages and assists State Institutions, public organizations and individuals in the process of setting the Bulgarian legislation in conformity with the legal principles and regulations of the European legislation and implementing this legislation in concrete cases.  
    The Institute assists State Institutions, public organizations and individuals in their need of legal knowledge and encourages the publication of the ratified and promulgated international treaties, to which Bulgaria is a party.  
    The Institute helps the associated members in taking legal issues, gives statements and helps the associated members in the legal cases of judicial and administrative practice, arranges meetings and assists the formation of legal attitudes. The activity of the Institute is performed by specialists as well as others joining the Institute from Bulgaria and abroad.  
    The Institute works in all legal and administrative fields, focusing on solving serious problems related to human rights and freedoms, which are conditions for joining of Bulgaria to the European Community.  
  Our Guiding Pinciples    
    We integrate both the horizontal and vertical dimensions of law and life, recognizing that law reform without ethical reform is insufficient.  
    Our concern is justice, emphasizing what is right, not politics, which emphasizes who has the power.  
    Our guiding principle is the universal Golden Rule: treating others as we would want to be treated.