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Fellowship Projects  
Projects, encouraging relationships among professional people, lawyers and students
 Fellowship Projects
  Human Rights
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  Legal Projects
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Rule of Law Institute

44 Parchevich Str.
Floor 5, Apt. 15
1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: (+359 2) 981 4993
Phone/Fax: (+359 2) 980 8911

  Projects Meetings    
    Working Breakfast    
    New Generation Lawyers    
    Meetings of RLI associated members    
    Convocation of Advocates Europe in Sofia, Bulgaria    
    Balkan Lawyers Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria    
  Human Rights Projects    
  Projects aiming to monitor and protect Human Rights and Religious Freedom.  
  Religious Freedom Reporter    
  Defending Women's Rights in Republic of Bulgaria    
    Rights Card Project    
    Human Rights Course    
    Police Human Rights Manual    
  Training Projects    
  Projects that encourage and help the growth of lawyers and law students - associated members of RLI  
    Mediation Course    
    Monday Manna  
    Jurist Exchange Program  
  Legal Projects    
  RLI presents expert legal statements in help of the legislation process in Republic of Bulgaria  
    Work Groups Participation    
    Law Library    
    Statements Regarding the Legislation in the Field of Religion    
  Social Projects    
  Projects in the social sphere and public relations  
    Anti Corruption Project  
    Legal Aid  
    Job Exchange  
    New Beginning  
    Minor Crime Decreasing Project  
  Publishing Projects    
  Projects for collecting, editing and publishing of information regarding the work of RLI and other Governmental and Non for Profit Organizations  
    RLI Internet  
    RLI Monthly Newsletter  
    RLI Almanac  
    Editing of Police Human Rights Manual  
    Editing of Religios Freedom Reporter